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New album 2015: VIBRAPULS

Sound Image: Silent Messengers of Spring

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New Sound Image video from my backyard a few days ago. Silent messengers of Spring have unraveled their voices.  Life that underlies all I always imagine as thundering roar that is so deafening that we cannot even hear it. And it is represented by didgeridoo, of course. The fairy world is the manifestation of the […]

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Spiraling Out & Spiraling In

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I am sure you all know the famous lyrics of Tool, Lateralus: “spiral out, keep going” Because it seems something is out there, and we need to reach it. Happiness, fulfillment, joy, salvation,undiscovered universe, whatever. I talk and talk to people and people from different countries and different social statuses and so often the same […]

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Didgeridoo in Contemporary World

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“Of course I know everything about didgeridoo. It is very simple. Didgeridoo is a new age instrument. Played by hippies. It does wau wau sound, but unlike dogs, it’s rather boring.” “I don’t know much about didgeridoo. Like the world itself, didgeridoo is a mystery. Breath and didgeridoo playing are like one thing.” We made […]

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Mystical moments of my didgeridoo path

In the beginning of my didgeridoo path I was just pulled towards the tube. I didn’t understand it at all. I just kept returning to this one place that I knew that had a “tube instrument”. Now how can a tube be an instrument? Instrument for what exactly? When I first heard the sound I […]

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Asking the right questions…

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I get asked a lot of questions from didgeridoo lovers all over the world. And sometimes I find it a bit pointless to reply exactly that question. Before you find me to be too arrogant, please read on… At different stages of our lives we have various understanding of the matter. This of course determines […]

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VIBRAPULS / new solo didgeridoo album

Vibrapuls / new didg solo album 2015

Finally available and hearable and hopefully enjoyable, my new album is out and free! Happy to announce VIBRAPULS, an 11-song didgeridoo solo journey through underworld of vibration fantasies, played only on one didgeridoo at a time. Go ahead and listen to it and go agead and buy it at VIBRAPULS album page.

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Brothers we are

I have a brother and I want to present a “brother perspective” to the world. You see my brother and I are very different. I am a hyper-extrovert whereas my brother is much much more quiet… especially when we are with people. I like my life improvised, my brother likes it well defined. I am […]

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3 minutes. Every day.

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This will be a short one. You can read it in less than three minutes. I often hear from people that they have not played didgeridoo for a week, or two.. or month… or two. And I know why! Because they do not play every day! And it is EASY to play every day. Just […]

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