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New video: Unforgettable flow of energy at Airvault Festival 2013

Didgeridoo: sound and body [VIDEO]

A short video introduction to didgeridoo basic concepts from Dubravko’s workshop in Austria. Small thoughts about positioning of didgeridoo and how it affects the sound. There is no ABSOLUTE ONE didgeridoo sound as such. Dubravko also mentions the unique didgeridoo phenomenon of very strong connection to the body while playing the instrument.

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The Story of a Sawmill

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I have a story I would like to share. For a long time I have a dream… well.. I don’t know if dream is the right word, maybe vision. A visionary dream, a dreamy vision. This dreamy vision is to have a small sawmill. “Why on Earth would anyone want that?” you may wonder… and [...]

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The Way of Didgeridoo Travels

Today I would like to say something about abundance. Non measurable abundance that makes life on Earth so very enjoyable. There are many aspects of abundance, but I would like to say something about the one that comes with traveling. And particularly one that comes with traveling with didgeridoo. I have been traveling mostly whole [...]

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Dark side of pro didgeridoo playing

Relatively recently I have written an article “How to turn professional in didgeridoo playing” and now I would like to say why you shouldn’t. I believe it is again a universal kind of aspect to all small scale worlds within big world. So what are the difficult aspects of pro didgeridoo world? 1. Money. I [...]

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Magic of female didgeridoo players

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Today I had a revelation about women and didgeridoo playing. I cannot speak about all women, I can speak about some that I’ve met and that have inspired me to write this text by their connection between body- mind-didgeridoo. Situation with women playing didgeridoo is rather strange as you can see. There are very very [...]

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Online 1-2-1 didgeridoo lessons

The deeper you go into didgeridoo, the more you realize it is connected to everything. And it can become quite scary to connect with our own body. Realizing all the inhibitions. Realizing the disconnection from breath. From posture. From relaxation. From movement. This is what I feel could be one of the reasons why the [...]

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The Aircode

I would like to present something that has been around for a while in didgeridoo playing. But you could not really read or learn anything about it. So I would like to present my viewpoint, what I know about… open didgeridoo playing. Both end open didgeridoo playing. Playing didgeridoo with separation of lips from the [...]

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Sweet meeting between kids and didgeridoo man

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It is almost true that every didgeridoo player out there has had a gig/presentation of didgeridoo for kids at least once. In school, kindergarten, at birthday party… Isn’t it? Du had quite a few of those in his didgeridoo history. The last one was in Cannock, England. It was quite special because it was 1 [...]

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