VIBRAPULS / new solo didgeridoo album

Vibrapuls / new didg solo album 2015

Finally available and hearable and hopefully enjoyable, my new album is out and free! Happy to announce VIBRAPULS, an 11-song didgeridoo solo journey through underworld of vibration fantasies, played only on one didgeridoo at a time. Go ahead and listen to it and go agead and buy it at VIBRAPULS album page.

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The Way of Didgeridoo Travels

Today I would like to say something about abundance. Non measurable abundance that makes life on Earth so very enjoyable. There are many aspects of abundance, but I would like to say something about the one that comes with traveling. And particularly one that comes with traveling with didgeridoo. I have been traveling mostly whole […]

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Online 1-2-1 didgeridoo lessons

The deeper you go into didgeridoo, the more you realize it is connected to everything. And it can become quite scary to connect with our own body. Realizing all the inhibitions. Realizing the disconnection from breath. From posture. From relaxation. From movement. This is what I feel could be one of the reasons why the […]

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What makes concert… a great concert?

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Magic. Of course. Now how is it possible to summon this magic? I don’t know. But I can tell you this magic happens sometimes so much beyond expectation and anticipation and is like a gift of heavy rain in the middle of the scorched desert.  I just came back from a tour through Netherlands, England […]

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The very old album and the very new album

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As you might already know I have recently published my very first live album. It was from a concert in a Swiss church with dangerously nice acoustics and even more dangerously nice audience. Conditions were perfect. Except for one detail. I forgot to record it. But what are friends for, one recorder was perfectly placed, […]

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New album Dubokobud – is OUT!

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Two years after Kosmopterix, after long search in depth and darkness of Kozmos vastness, a new articulation of unseen winds of didgeridoo music is born! So what is new about the new album? What do the new “creatures” bring us? Firstly, the new sound, the new code, the “air” code of didgeridoo music.  In counterbalance […]

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Didgeridoo made cosmic postcards from Europe tour

My dear Breathers, I have had a most wonderful didgeridoo solo tour. Too difficult to put in words who I have met… old friends… new friends… animals and plants friends. Places I have seen, white, gray, blue and green… didn’t hurt my spleen. I was driving a lot, walking only sometimes to feel my human […]

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Summary of Dubravko Lapaine’s didgeridoo summer 2010

This is the short description long list of didgeridoo only summer of Dubravko Lapaine. It can be used as a map to your own possibilities for the coming years. It started all in a beautiful village in Spain, called Ibort at Encuentro de Didgeridoo. In the evening, there was a dark night, with rain, but […]

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