Sound Image II: Primordial Roar

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Ladies and Gentlemen, what you hear in this Sound Image is what happens when you give LSD to a microphone that is recording a deep didgeridoo. What you see is a regular black locust log picked up near my house that stayed a bit wet for a while. In some ways I feel the world […]

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Making of New Didgeridoo Album by Du

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… to give birth to cosmic energies is a journey of searching through the vast lands, fighting off inner demons so that you can summon more real monsters… rhythm monsters, texture monsters, melodic monsters…. I have been pulled out of my introverted winter silence to say something about what I have been doing. Well… I […]

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Sound images of worlds never heard

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Welcome to the new chapter of my didgeridoo sound expressions! For a long while now I have been diggin’ and didgin’ deep and deeper and not much has come out to the surface. Why? Because I am a bloody perfectionist, that’s why. And also, when you look for new sounds it is never a fixed […]

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Didgeridoo: sound and body [VIDEO]

A short video introduction to didgeridoo basic concepts from Dubravko’s workshop in Austria. Small thoughts about positioning of didgeridoo and how it affects the sound. There is no ABSOLUTE ONE didgeridoo sound as such. Dubravko also mentions the unique didgeridoo phenomenon of very strong connection to the body while playing the instrument.

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Firebrace - the movie

How can aboriginal storytelling change the world today in a way that we all wish? There must be a way, but to find out in practice you must meet a different kind of hero. He does not fly, nor does he have lasers in his eyes. But there is something about his heart…  which plays […]

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Didgeridoo made cosmic postcards from Europe tour

My dear Breathers, I have had a most wonderful didgeridoo solo tour. Too difficult to put in words who I have met… old friends… new friends… animals and plants friends. Places I have seen, white, gray, blue and green… didn’t hurt my spleen. I was driving a lot, walking only sometimes to feel my human […]

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Recording of DUBOKOBUD – VIDEO part 1

Video - Recording new didgeridoo album

Making of Dubravko Lapaine’s new didgeridoo solo album Dubokobud. This video deals with basic ideas for the whole album, didgeridoo recording techniques and microphones. See how additional didgeridoos can be used for recording didgeridoo solo.

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Space Christmas to you

Space Christmas to you!

This was a busy, beautiful, enthusiastic month. Du and Druyd decided to make some Christmas cards this year.  And I can proudly present them to you here and now with huge smile over our faces. I invite you for some enjoyment: I can tell you some secrets about it. This is how it happened. Du […]

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